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We help you by listening to find out what your problems are and supporting you with the appropriate oriental holistic treatment.

Clear Mind

Focus your mind to become calm and peaceful to observe your pain.

Pain Escape

Holistic Practice Treats Your Body,
Your Mind and Your Emotions

Stress Relief

Circulation in our body will be improved when you drink Yin Yang Tea.

Well-Being Of Life

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Pain Management / Sports Injury

ACC Treatment Provider

“The Magic is in You”

Julian Park

BHSc. Registered Acupuncturist,

Member of NZASA & NZCMAS,

ACC Treatment Provider.


What Our Patient Says

I highly recommend Julian, after many years of chronic back pain I experienced relief immediately. He has also helped me with many other health issues over the last few months.

Chris B


Julian is the best! I have regained mobility and my pain is already reduced thanks to his treatment. He's very skilled and caring in his work. I definitely recommend seeing him 🙂

Tamara Adams


Julian is great at his work. He has helped me over the last few weeks and the results have been really good. Julian is happy, friendly, and has skills when it come to Acupuncture. I highly recommend you give Julian a visit.

Justin Walker


Julian is a very experienced acupuncturist. He treated a couple of of injuries and help me get back into my active lifestyle. He is very good with what he does. Highly recommend!!!

Robert Hela


Julian is awesome! He has such a caring & kind approach to what he does. I would highly recommend Hobsonville Acupuncture 🙂👍🏼

Lauren Wannenburg


Julian is a remarkable and gifted practitioner. Just today I went with a lingering and pretty nasty sore throat, left after treatment feeling 85% better, and by now don't even feel discomfort. Thank you very much!

Andrea Polzer-Debruyne


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