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Eum Yang Tang (Korean Yin Yang Tea), 陰陽湯

Circulation in your body will be improved when you drink Eum Yang Tang.

Pour about half a cup of hot water into your mug and fill the rest of the mug with cold water to make it lukewarm. Then, drink it right away.

Eum Yang Tang was mentioned as ‘Shaeng Shuk Tang’ in “Dong Yi Bo Gam” which is a famous book on Traditional Korean Medicine.

Eum Yang Tang is one of the best remedies for symptoms in the digestive system, like vomiting, upset stomach, gastroenteritis, diarrhea, and more.

The convection current, when hot water at the bottom moves upward while cold water from the top moves downward, results in a positive effect due to the energy and blood circulation in our body.

Hot water has yang energy, and cold water has yin(eum) energy.

In our body, these two energies move in opposite directions to create a convection phenomenon in the right direction, similar to the role of mineral water.

According to Traditional Korean Medicine, the water element, which is cold energy, has to move upward to keep the brain cool while the fire element, which is hot energy, has to move downward to keep the lower body warm to maintain a healthy condition and to prevent diseases.


Translation from the inside page following reference:

HongKyeong Kim, The Paradox Yin and Yang of Health and Sambu Acupressure, Shinnong Baekcho Eastern Medicine Clinic, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2012

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