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Jeong Sim Ju (정심주, 定心住)

A Tranquility of the Mind

Focus your mind to become calm and peaceful to observe your pain.

First, try to empty your mind and soul, and then you can afford to accept everything in the nature of Heaven and Earth like the tongue could taste a thousand types of flavors without its own taste.

The pure non-savory taste is the best taste like the universe could adopt the nature of Heaven, Earth, Sun, Moon, and the flow of the Stars within the empty space.

We can taste a variety of flavors like sweet, sour, bitter, pungent, salty, and astringent but we cannot feel the tongue’s own taste.

We could understand and entirely adopt many different minds within the cleared mind as we can feel a lot of tastes in the absence of the tongue’s savor.

Sweetness could be a remedy temporarily for a spicy taste, but the best remedy would be washing it away with pure water.

Do remember when your mind and body are tired and sick. Health always comes from an empty mind.

Observing and awakening the tranquil mind and soul is the best therapy to recover your health.

Translation from the inside page following reference:

Hong-Kyeong Kim, The Paradox Yin and Yang of Health and Sambu Acupressure, Shinnong Baekcho Eastern Medicine Clinic, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2012

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